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Internet Consulting
We offer a wide variety of consulting services which focus on maximizing the potential of Electronic Commerce and the Internet. We analyze your existing business processes, ideas, and problems in order to develop custom made solutions that modernize operations and increase profitability.

Many companies ask themselves whether or not they should jump to the web. Many companies do not actually spend the time to figure out whether or not they will survive, and what steps they would need to take to ensure their survival. Every day, thousands of companies take to the web, and just as many companies find themselves removing themselves from it. Our team knows what it takes to make it. We will research the statistics of any company to find out if it really is worth the time and effort of moving to the web before spending thousands of lost dollars on a failed site.

In your first contact with us, we will work with you to determine what tools would best benefit your needs.

E-Marketing Strategy
It deals with making your site known. Your site's success depends on being found by the people or companies who need it most.

Your web solution must become a complete part of your organizations overall structure. This integration includes promotion of your site on the Internet, as well as promotion in traditional media.

April 2000 issue Target Marketing Magazine."Top Ways Websites are Discovered"
Banner ads 1%
Targeted email 1.2%
TV spots 1.4%
"By accident" 2.1%
Magazine ads 4.4%
Word-of-mouth 20%
Random Surfing 20%
Search Engines 46%

According to a Forrester Research Media Field Study, getting a loyal audience in the first place is best done by Search Engine Placement. April 2000 issue Target Marketing Magazine."Top Ways Websites are Discovered" Banner ads 1% Targeted email 1.2% TV spots 1.4% "By accident" 2.1% Magazine ads 4.4% Word-of-mouth 20% Random Surfing 20% Search Engines 46%

According to a GVU Users Survey, 84.8% of Internet users use Search Engines to find Websites.

The designer must understand how potential visitors will search for your site and create a design to improve rankings.

The e-marketing strategy of your site must continue throughout its lifetime to ensure it will be easily found. This requires monitoring its performance and rankings and making a concerted effort to keep these high.

E-Business Strategy
Every major company that wants to survive this decade will have to convert itself to e-business. This does not mean just having a web site. It means completely reorganizing your business processes and software systems to support e-commerce applications and conducting business on the Internet via the web.

The first step is to develop an e-business strategy, a plan defining how your company is going to compete, what your goals are, and what policies will you follow to achieve those goals.

The next step for existing companies is to redesign your business processes or create a new dot com business in order to generate the products and services you intend to implement into your e-business strategy.

At the same time existing businesses must redesign their information technology systems and development organization so the IT department can support your new e-business strategy.

The power the Internet offers will only be fully realized when your visitors can find tools to solve their day to day problems. Again, the designer must thoroughly outline how your e-business strategy solves visitor's problems.

With 10 years of experience providing strategies and solutions, we can assist you in transitioning your company to e-Business with a well laid out, phased plan.

IT-Service Strategy
It deals with keeping your site available to visitors. The Internet works globally twenty four hours a day. Visitors expect your site to be available when they need it and will quickly switch loyalties when the site fails to be accessible. If your web based solution can't solve the problem when it happens, visitors will easily find another that will, at the click of a mouse.

Your web solution must be housed in a fault-tolerant, physical environment with nonstop power, air, and communication. The hardware and software itself must be closely monitored for signs of failures and any issues must be actively resolved to prevent unnecessary downtime. Your web solution must not go down. To achieve this your system must be professionally managed and supported.

Web Design Strategy
It deals with the form and function, or look and feel of your site. The graphics, colors, fonts, content, navigation, buttons, etc. In otherwords, how your site, and ultimately your information, is presented to visitors.

Your web site design must consider your type(s) of visitors, their needs, and their skill sets.

Your type of visitor will dictate content and image. A business to business site may be less likely to incorporate eye appeal and be more geared towards speed and function. Conversely, a business to consumer site will generally be more eye appealing and contain diverse content in an effort to create "stickiness" at your site.

The needs of your visitor will also dictate content. For example, attracting visitors to introduce a new technology may be geared toward educating your visitor about a particular company or product.

The skill sets of your visitor will dictate navigation and functionality. A site that executes financial transactions, for instance, may assume that the visitor understands the various functions the site performs.

Altogether, a designer must thoroughly outline each aspect of the solution in order to ensure the design is most appropriate for the targeted visitors.

Computer Tutoring
Need help with the internet? Want to learn the short cuts and hidden tricks the pros use? Interested in updating your own web site? Well then you've come to the right place. ITC WALTER highly skilled and friendly staff will be happy to come directly to your location (inside San Diego, California) to train you or your employees. Maximize your computing hour by learning the ergonomics of effective software usage. Or just get some help with the tasks you find the most daunting.

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