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E-Commerce Products
It is generally where companies first develop an e-business solution. Important items to consider when stepping into e-commerce are keeping expectations realistic, demanding the same level of quality as you do from other channels, providing the same level of resources as you do with other channels.

In the recent past, many companies viewed e-commerce as the holy grail to dragging sales. A more realistic viewpoint has emerged where the Internet is merely another sales channel in which to make your products or services available. And this new channel receives enough consumer attention that it cannot be ignored.

An additional channel, an e-commerce solution must maintain the same level of quality the rest of your channels exhibit. For instance, if a catalog provides detailed product information, glossy product shots, and a responsive phone order system, the web should provide the same. To check your site, a quick acid test is print it out and determine if you would hand it to a potential customer. If not, it's time to scrap it and have it professionally redone.

Finally, for an e-commerce solution to be successful, provide it the same level of resources as your other channels. Invest in keeping information current, provide purchase incentives, and perform follow-up communication. Treat your Internet customers as valuable as a customer won in any other channel. That may mean assigning a person or group within your organization to follow-up with any inquires, implementing a traffic monitoring system, and actively watching what online consumers buy.

We have worked on e-commerce projects since we were first introduced on the web. We use the MIVA e-Commerce software platform that has customers claim it performs better then other products then from Microsoft and IBM.

Work with us to discover how much an e-commerce solution really does for your organization.

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